About Mimi Grace

Hey Friend!  I am so glad you are here, truly!  

Selling clothes is something I began over 4 years ago with a goal to stay at home with my babies, who are now 5 and 8!  But my love of fashion and entrepreneurship started when I was quite young.  My beginnings started in selling tissue ghost suckers to my neighbors every fall.  One of my favorite jobs in high school was working at the department store, VonMaur, in the men's department.  I felt like the guys shopping were Ken dolls and I got paid to dress them up! Total win job!  My love of fashion also grew through my late grandmother Mimi.  She was a fashionista with multiple closets, hundreds of pairs of shoes and accessories to match every outfit.  We could shop until we dropped and as I grew up we would look through fashion magazines together. That is where the MIMI in Mimi Grace comes from.  Throughout my 4 years of selling women's clothing I have learned that women, and perhaps YOU are EXTREMELY hard on themselves.  Every curve, lack of curve, love handle is critiqued.  If there is one thing I hope you get from reading this, it is that YOU are beautiful just the way you are. Give yourself GRACE! 

Personally, I think many of us just want easy to wear clothes that make us feel good.  That is why Mimi Grace was born!  My mission is to make ladies know their beauty inside and out, yet feel like a million bucks in a simple outfit.  

When I am not working, I am wifey to Mike and a 5 star uber driver for my children Aiden & Maddie. I won't lie I am proudly the crazy sports mom cheering and yelling loudly.  We also have a sweet Goldendoodle - Kinnick, who keeps my feet warm while I down my morning coffee!  I can't wait to get to know you and help you feel beautiful in your skin.  <3, Ali